Monday, October 28, 2013

What's on my Instagram? #OOTD

Long time no post!!! really long Hahaha! I know. Sorry :))
I've been busy the whole 1st semester because... I'm a graduating student!!! Lol that's why I have to work hard and keep focused in school but still sometimes I have lazy days hihi. And I can say that next sem will be my last sem. I'm so happy! :)) Uhmm.. okay sorry, enough with sharing.

Because I don't have free time to work on my outfit posts, I gathered all my #OOTD's from my Instagram and decided to post here. So here it is and let me share it to you people.

 Sleeveless midriff: Vetements Manila
High waist shorts: True Love
Bohemian like kimono: White Spring (from the thrift shop)
Shoes: Torry Burch
Wrist watch: Timex
Stylish bond: Goody

I didn't wear it in any occasion I just got excited to mix and match the kimono that I found from the thrift shop that only cost Php150 and the kimono that I saw that look likes this cost Php3k at Topshop. Don't judge the thrift shop, it is a really nice place. So here's the outcome. I guest this style has a touch of Bohemian ensembles and I really love it and I can conclude that I am getting cray cray about Bohemian looks and kimonos.

Muscle tee: Androgyne Manila
Cross leggings: Androgyne Manila
Boots: Primadona
Sweater: Penshoppe
Bag: SM Department Store

Let's "Bang On Style" I think that what's my outfit says?
Sometimes I don't want to wear girly girl,like wearing shorts and skirts and just go with no worry about conformity but still edgy and fashionable. This cross leggings and muscle tee is a total grunge edge outfit. 

Top: Options
Cotton leggings:SM Department Store
Sneaker wedge:S&H
Bag: SM Department Store
Wrist watch: Timex

"Simple and great" is casual outfit. The day that I wore this outfit is the day of being lazy me, so I decided to wear something comfortable and no worries temperature of SM mall, sweatshirt + leggings paired it with sneaker wedge with animal print gives a little details to the whole outfit.

Both dress from Shopaholic
Shoes: Torry Burch
Belt: Girl Shoppe

Pastel colors and flowers are girls best friends. I really love paste colors an flowers It gives me a total girly girl look and fresh. My red ballet shoes smoothly match the both dress that still emboss dress and its details.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello guys! :) 
It happened again. I wanted to share with you my Bloggers United 5 experience last Saturday at SMX Convention Center Function Room 3. Of course it was a blast! Super fun. Lots of games, music and surprises.

For those who do not  have any idea what is Bloggers United well, this is the event where you can meet, interact and take a photo with your favorite blogger. Style bloggers also opened their closets in a big bazaar for their readers and very affordable, from P20-P2000! Bongga diba? :))

View inside function room 3

 Eating time!

Corndog!!! A hotdog coated with fries. 1st in the Philippines! This is actually my friend's business (Markie Bernardo) and since he know Seph Cham he ask for help to advertise his business. So we brought 20pcs of this and share it to other top bloggers and sad to say yung iba hindi nabigyan, so next time. And clap! clap! they like it, good feedback! :)  I hope you guys try it too. They're located at SM Mall of Asia, Sta. Mesa and SM North.
David Guison | Dani Barretto | Mikyle Quizon | Vern Enciso
Cheyser Pedregosa | Seph Cham | Tracy Ayson and her friend
Lea Rafio (Me) | Camille Co

Seph, Trice and my best Markie :)

Cheyser Pedregosa

He's happy kasi ako nagbigay. Hahaha! I'm just kidding.

Ate Aisa Ipac, "The busy girl". I've been looking for her to give this.

Vern Enciso

 Mikyle Quizon

 My chinita friend! Love her so much! Janine Lim

Dani Barretto

Camille Co

That's all! :)) Can't wait for next BU6.


Self Expression

Before I tell you what happened last Saturday at Bloggers United 5 event
I would like to share with you first my outfit and my friends outfit at Bloggers United 5, it is also a celebration for personal style and expression, this is the event where your style is appreciated.

Lea Rafio
Top: MANGO | Skater skirt: RedHead | Bag: SM | Shoes: Rusty Lopez | Watch: TIMEX

I know, skater skirt is much better with heels but if you're going in this kind of event and if you really want to enjoy and! if you don't have a car, I suggest not to wear heels.  

Janine Lim
 Top: Just G | Shorts: Forever 21 | Bag: Chanel | Shoes: Cotton On

 Lawrence Garcia
Polo: H&M | Pants: Human | Socks: UNIQLO | Shoes: GH |
Watch: Giorgio Armani

Markie Bernardo
Top: TOPMAN | Pants: Forever 21 Men | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoes: Doc Martins


Make up review: the Juicy Colors x TC

 One of my sponsors gave me some of her awesome, fab and best seller makeup  and now they're my super favorite! Especially the NYX Long Lash Mascara, NYX Liquid Eye Liner and the Wet n Wild Blush on, I don't need them to apply over and over again 'cause it really stay and stick on your face. Actually, this are the makeup that I used when I went out with my friends, I applied it at about 2:30PM, came home 7AM (the next day) its still on even if its a slight faded. Anyway here's the review of the my "must-have and my fave makeup" all from the Juicy Colors.
 This! I really love this NYX Long Lash Mascara I only apply this once and it gave me a surprise. It has a dual purposes, it lengthen your eyelashes and strengthen it at the same because it has rejuvenating formula that leads to thick eyelashes but not much of volume and it comes in a sleek, simple, black color and compact tube packaging. I'm liking the wand! yeah, the wand is small and easy to use, really fit for my little cutie hands lol and occupied small space on your bag. Another I like about this mascara is being drug-free and dermatologically approved, yup! very safe. Also, this mascara keeps my lashes soft, it won't make my lashes stiff and looks natural on my eyes but there's an impact the problem is this is not waterproof. NYX Long Lash Mascara is available in a variety of shades such as brown , dark brown ,black , electric blue , navy but I prefer black.

This is actually my first liquid eye liner. I'm not really into any liquid eye liner because I am a bit scared to apply it on my eye lids but since a lot of ladies are using it and always asking if someone have a liquid eye liner, I got an interest so I tried this NYX Liquid Eye Liner still from the Juicy Colorsat home first 'cause I'm not comfortable wearing it outside :)) Anyway, it guarantees you a dramatic lining on your eyes, fast drying, waterproof and because of its high quality thin tip brush it gives my eyes much intense but flawless black line on my eyelids and draw even the thinnest lines on my eye lids. The felt tip liner of NYX Liquid Eye Liner is relatively hard when you applied but it gives exact line that you want because it is easy to use and control. Well, I must say this is friendly user eye liner. Good for starter.

Sorry for this mess, I already used this na kasi last night.

 Anyway, this Beautyuk Eyeshadow Palette No. 4 that the Juicy Colors gave to me, I can tell that I am totally blown away to happiness and I am head over heels in love with this shades. I am really attracted to natural and earthy colours because it pull my eyes into natural look as well as smoky evening look if you want, I tried last night the smoky evening look and I love it, it blend so perfect! and they last a pretty long time on my eye lids. You should give it a try.

Hello to my favorite brand! Wet n Wild Blusher Heather Silk 832E and finally I have you na, I heard all good stuff about this blush on and I can't wait to try it on. I think the brush is somewhat scratchy but its okay its still good in blending and can help when you're in occasion when you don't want to bring a separate brush but I still prefer not using it :)) Also, I heard that this blush on has a staying power and really stay throughout the day and still on nicely. 

Wet n Wild Lipstick 502A Dark Pink Frost is perfect to wear anytime! This is a very pretty dark pink shade with a little touch of gold and a sheer pink add on but this kind of lipstick can last only for 2 - 4 hours.

  eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm Sphere is the best lip balm I've ever used since I started using lip balm so thank you the Juicy Colors for introducing this to me. I can't go without this, I swear. I got hooked with this, first because of its packaging I find it really cute and the color then the it moisturise, not waxy, light scent and very light when you applied it on your lips. 

You can purchase all of them through online here the Juicy Colors



Monday, June 3, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Aveelit x TC

Aveelit will be giving away some of their awesome and fashionable accessories that are very marketable on their online shop so if I were you, I wouldn't want to miss this.

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Goodluck! :)
Lea, xx

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling twenty-two

Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you our video, we cover one of Taylor Swift's song title 22 which is everyone's theme song for this summer ( I know I know) it's my favorite too *smiley face* 

                     22 - Taylor swift cover by FEU IA from Lea Rafio on Vimeo.
This is actually our Humanities project so we decided to upload it to Youtube. Anyway, we come up with this kind of video because we want to make our music video look natural since it is about the joys of being a 22 years old (we're only 19 years old but same way, right? :D) We picked this pop song because it is a fun anthem for young like us and very cute awesome song that's perfect for sleepover happenings and joy ride or just chillin' with your besties, agree? :)) And we think this song is oh-so-perfect theme song for our summer just having fun. By the way, they're not just my classmates but they're my real friends and in this video what we're doing is really happening in real life.

Yup, I dress like hipster which is my 'now' statement and it fits to our video. We dress independently and base on our taste.
1st photo: Top: DIY Taylor Swift inspired muscle tee | Shorts: DIY high waist shorts (Lee) | Denim Polo: Penshoppe | Boots: Primadona
3rd photo: Top: Oxygen | Shorts: Next | Flat shoes: Tory burch


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brighten Your Day

All we know every summer colored outfits is a trend. Well, we can still wear colored outfits even if not summer season but DUH!? colored and pastel outfits is much better to wear and recognize in summer. These perfectly colors really adds a touch of femininity to a casual outfit, no matter what color you choose but make sure it's still conducive in everybody's sight or complement well with your skin, that's why this is what I wore last Friday since it's our wash day and I have to meet my friends. If you notice I'm not wearing much beads or necklaces in my outfit kasi sa school lang naman ang gala ko and sa Starbucks :)) (di ko ma-english eh -_- LOL) but colored pastels can pop when you paired them a neutral accessories but mine I wore silver and a gold. Colors like this can be turn in so many style like you can be so girly, cute and preppy. Either way you style them, these colored and pastel staples is a 'must have' and don't forget to wear your confidence plus y.o.u lovely lady pull them off flawlessly! :)

Do you think my whole outfit screams "It's summer time!" ? :))

Top:Forever21, Pants:Levis, Shoes:Solemate, Watch:Casio, Bag:Parisian

 Lea :)