Monday, May 5, 2014


Lately, it's all about daisy print and it's every girls favorite. I think daisy flowers are the new polka dot print. There's no no you don't have this kind of print inside your closet, because its a must have now :) I love them and I know you too, there's something in this print. It makes me look a vintage sweet chic, well it depends on how you pair, play and the kind of print.
Dress: Esprit Belt: SM Accessories Shoes: Memorata by CLN  Watch: Esprit

Big thanks to my beautiful friend slash make up artist Maine Manalo-Bruce for my make up mwa!
I don't think you will see this dress in any branch of Esprit because this is my sister's dress, its her high school dress days and my sister is now 33 y/o. Hahaha! She asked me if I want this dress and I said yes! uso yan ngayon! then hello big smile :))  and tadaah! I paired my dress a black belt with gold metal, sexy heels, a boy watch to add a bit of edgy and not so formal.

For another way of wearing this, you can also remove the belt for more day, flirty, fun 90s look and can be your go-to sundress or cover up while walking on the beach. I think its fun, fresh and young wearing this daisy flowers, it can be an alternative to our usual prints like polka, hearts, stripes and etc.  



Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Music Festival To Remember (CloseUp)

Close Up throw another summer to remember for EDM fans last April 5 at Globe Circuit Events and this is my first time to go to their music festival. I was able to experience the epic-ness and the awesomeness of the event, thumbs up for them. Close Up brought some of the biggest local and international DJs, namely Martin Pulgar, Mars Miranda, Marc Naval, Ace Ramos, Helena, Alesso and Deniz Koyu just for Forever Summer 2014. I know enough how Close Up prepared for this event 'cause I follow them on Twitter and they asked their followers from different social networking sites, what would you like for this year event so everyone suggest and they followed. From the theme, DJs, food trucks and beach ideas. Very organized. Its not just a music festival for me but also its like you're in fashion event 'cause you'll see a lot of teens, young adults and adults that are very fashionable. 

So let me share to you how enjoy I am and who's with me..

 Oh they caught us. Group selfie!!!! :)

A local DJ to heat up

 We need fuel!

 The hot DJ is playin' ya! DJ Helena!

 We're drinking it the middle of the crowd.

And my main man is here!!!! Wooooh!
 Alesso my crush lol

So my best guy decided to put me on his shoulder. Perks of being a petite?hahaha! 

I should say that Close Up is another way bringing people closer together! and good job. We met new people there :)

Last photo. Headin' home.
I must say that this the best Close Up Forever Summer yet. Can't wait for the next!!! :)

Sorry for the quality of my photos. I just used my iPhone. 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alert: MakeUp Review!

Pinkies Collection x elf x Fashion 21 x Ever Bilena

Super long time no see post here on my blog :( Haha
So now, for a comeback post, I will review some makeups that I purchased (in a hurry lol) for the reason that I need some basic must-have makeups for do-it-yourself graduation makeup. Yes I did my own makeup during my graduation and the outcome? goooooood! Hahaha! 
(so proud face lol)

Anyway, these makeups are easily to find since its local brands and you can find it in any SM Malls and Watsons branches. These makeups are cheaper and good for girls out there who also looking for cheap makeups but good quality and use it as a practice purposes or what.

1. Make Up Base by Pinkies Collection

I know most of you are not familiar about Pinkies Collection formerly known as Pinkies Swear. Actually me too, I don't know that Pinkies Collection exist and sister company of James Cooper. While strolling in Watsons, I saw their booth and its cute because of the color of their boxes its all pink! I guess that's the reason why I went to their booth and give it a try haha. Pinkies Collection  is available in SM Malls and Watsons

Do you use MakeUp Base?
This is new to me, this is my first time to use MakeUp Base because I don't usually put makeup. For the package it is really eye catching for girls because of its cute pink salmon box so yap that's the another reason why I bought this and its cheaper its only P199, qualified on your budget right?

I apply this after I cleansed and toned, I don't have to put moisturizer because this makeup base is also a moisturizer and it absorbed easily by your skin. I don't have any complain in this product because I don't have sensitive skin and my face is not really oily. I just don't know to those girls who has an oily skin, I think you better read other reviews :) It smells like a candy and milky but not a very strong scent.

Another thing I observed during my graduation day it helps to prolong my makeup, it really does and thanks to this 'cause I don't have bag that time to put my makeups for retouching haha.

2. Cream Foundation by Pinkies Collection

This is a foundation and concealer in one product so its a money saver right? It cost P249 only and I choose CFF-01 Medium tan to appropriate to my skin. When it comes to odor/ fragrance I don't smell anything and I'm good with that. When I apply this its a bit oily but after I apply powder on it lessen the oiliness that I feel so if you have oily skin I don't recommend this to you.

I don't experience any build up on my face or like there's a cracked portion on face. For commuters it will make you feel uneasy its summer now because of the oiliness but for me who have dry skin just a bit of oiliness then I reapply powder so I will rate this 5.

3. Ever Bilena Pre Eye Color (Mascara/Liquid Eyeliner)

Mascara on left side and Liquid Eyeliner on right side. I prefer this kind of product because its not bulky in my kit, easy to handle when applying and its two use in one product. I like how dark and thick the liquid eyeliner is while the mascara hmm okay it didn't thicken my lashes but it makes my lashes kinda long and stay as it is.

4. Fashion 21 Waterproof Mascara with Lash Conditioner

While browsing my Facebook feed I saw this product posted by Fashion 21 and it says there that you can also use this on your eyebrows after applying your eyebrow shading then brush it to prolong your eyebrows color, it cost P140. So I decided to put it on my list. And its true in addition it makes my eyebrows clean, smooth and thicker when I brush it. I also put this on my lashes after applying my mascara since its colorless and to thicken and make my eyes pop.

5. elf The Ways of Bronzer

I also saw this product on my Facebook feed and decided to buy this right away because its cheap, P249.50 and I wanna give a try to put bronzer on my face just to give a glowy on my cheekbones. The four individual shades shows a buttery effect but its glittery that makes me frown lol. It can be also use as eyeshadow and finishing powder to set makeup that I don't mind to carry with me and reapplying. Overall its all good, it will not give you chalky but the downside is his staying short power and low pigment.

Thank You for dropping by and reading my blog. I hope it helps you :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

What's on my Instagram? #OOTD

Long time no post!!! really long Hahaha! I know. Sorry :))
I've been busy the whole 1st semester because... I'm a graduating student!!! Lol that's why I have to work hard and keep focused in school but still sometimes I have lazy days hihi. And I can say that next sem will be my last sem. I'm so happy! :)) Uhmm.. okay sorry, enough with sharing.

Because I don't have free time to work on my outfit posts, I gathered all my #OOTD's from my Instagram and decided to post here. So here it is and let me share it to you people.

 Sleeveless midriff: Vetements Manila
High waist shorts: True Love
Bohemian like kimono: White Spring (from the thrift shop)
Shoes: Torry Burch
Wrist watch: Timex
Stylish bond: Goody

I didn't wear it in any occasion I just got excited to mix and match the kimono that I found from the thrift shop that only cost Php150 and the kimono that I saw that look likes this cost Php3k at Topshop. Don't judge the thrift shop, it is a really nice place. So here's the outcome. I guest this style has a touch of Bohemian ensembles and I really love it and I can conclude that I am getting cray cray about Bohemian looks and kimonos.

Muscle tee: Androgyne Manila
Cross leggings: Androgyne Manila
Boots: Primadona
Sweater: Penshoppe
Bag: SM Department Store

Let's "Bang On Style" I think that what's my outfit says?
Sometimes I don't want to wear girly girl,like wearing shorts and skirts and just go with no worry about conformity but still edgy and fashionable. This cross leggings and muscle tee is a total grunge edge outfit. 

Top: Options
Cotton leggings:SM Department Store
Sneaker wedge:S&H
Bag: SM Department Store
Wrist watch: Timex

"Simple and great" is casual outfit. The day that I wore this outfit is the day of being lazy me, so I decided to wear something comfortable and no worries temperature of SM mall, sweatshirt + leggings paired it with sneaker wedge with animal print gives a little details to the whole outfit.

Both dress from Shopaholic
Shoes: Torry Burch
Belt: Girl Shoppe

Pastel colors and flowers are girls best friends. I really love paste colors an flowers It gives me a total girly girl look and fresh. My red ballet shoes smoothly match the both dress that still emboss dress and its details.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello guys! :) 
It happened again. I wanted to share with you my Bloggers United 5 experience last Saturday at SMX Convention Center Function Room 3. Of course it was a blast! Super fun. Lots of games, music and surprises.

For those who do not  have any idea what is Bloggers United well, this is the event where you can meet, interact and take a photo with your favorite blogger. Style bloggers also opened their closets in a big bazaar for their readers and very affordable, from P20-P2000! Bongga diba? :))

View inside function room 3

 Eating time!

Corndog!!! A hotdog coated with fries. 1st in the Philippines! This is actually my friend's business (Markie Bernardo) and since he know Seph Cham he ask for help to advertise his business. So we brought 20pcs of this and share it to other top bloggers and sad to say yung iba hindi nabigyan, so next time. And clap! clap! they like it, good feedback! :)  I hope you guys try it too. They're located at SM Mall of Asia, Sta. Mesa and SM North.
David Guison | Dani Barretto | Mikyle Quizon | Vern Enciso
Cheyser Pedregosa | Seph Cham | Tracy Ayson and her friend
Lea Rafio (Me) | Camille Co

Seph, Trice and my best Markie :)

Cheyser Pedregosa

He's happy kasi ako nagbigay. Hahaha! I'm just kidding.

Ate Aisa Ipac, "The busy girl". I've been looking for her to give this.

Vern Enciso

 Mikyle Quizon

 My chinita friend! Love her so much! Janine Lim

Dani Barretto

Camille Co

That's all! :)) Can't wait for next BU6.